‘The Only Butt’ campaign is growing through an on-line community all around the world!
You can be a part of this, or run a printed campaign. Pictured here is Plastic Free Mermaid  Kate Nelson, Kate is wearing one of our sponsors Tall Poppy Surf  Bikini bottoms. We work with people like Kate and others such as Kiss Max, and Modom Surf to support this community-driven campaign.

You can download this Instagram template, that can be used at a launch or by walking around town, asking people their views on cigarette butt littering. The campaign is a great way to show social support and drive interest and participation. We recommend gathering sponsorship from local businesses, brands, and community organizations, who believe in caring for their local environment by supporting your litter campaign.

All monies donated to the campaign goes towards funding ashtrays and further anti-littering education