In accordance with the VLAA Victorian Action Litter Alliance, on how to run a successful litter campaign. Initial Litter audits were conducted at each location, ashtrays or posters were installed, or both in some instances and monthly litter audits taken at each location, within a 15 meter radius.

Research found, ‘The Only Butt’ Campaign demonstrated a significant reduction in littering, compared to the use of the ashtrays. 4305 smokers used the ashtrays in a 5 month period, 830 smokers still chose to litter, however littering overall reduced from the way it was found.

Recommendations given to the Mornington Peninsula Shire, was to address cleansing contracts included cigarette butts, given cigarette related litter makes up for 50% of the overall litter found across Australia Wide including being a number 1 signature litter for many regions.