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Research indicates that when smokers become aware, that their littering is having an effect on the environment and others, they are more likely to change the way they end their smoking ritual and put their butt in the bin.


The research found, ‘The Only Butt’ Campaign demonstrated a significant reduction in littering, use of ashtrays, increase in business revenue for surrounding businesses, safer environments, with happier outcomes for the community and the environment. The Pilot campaign demonstrated a reduction in littering by up to 52% Littering overall has reduced by 80% in 4 years.

In accordance with the VLAA Victorian Action Litter Alliance, on ‘how to run a successful litter campaign’, initial litter audits are conducted at each location, ashtrays or posters are installed, or both in some instances, monthly litter audits are taken at each location, within a 15-meter radius.

Cigarette-related litter makes up for 50% of the overall litter found across Australia Wide including being a number 1 signature litter for many regions. The Only Butt campaign focuses on building on the community response to littering and raising a tough conversation. The Only butt is a fun way to love the environment and making happy choices.