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Why inspire smokers to Bin their Butts?

With single-use plastic items plaguing the planet, in 2018, we decided to create a anti litter campaign, targeting one of the top 6 problematic single use plastics, cigarette butts, from ending up in the environment.

We are focusing on inspiring smokers to bin their butts because the Victorian Litter Action Alliance research shows, that littering smokers are more likely to change their behavior if they understood it was affecting others, and impacting the Environment and waterways across Australia.

We also know that even when cigarette butt bins are available, smokers continue to litter their cigarette butts, as they are not aware of the true effects they are having

What makes the campaign work?

In the real world, we install ashtrays and used the ground and surrounding bins to educate, by placing signage and practical messaging, at cigarette butt hot spot locations around Rye, home to the busiest Supermarket in Australia, with a population grows by 1400% in Summer. Litter audit monitoring has been taking place for several years with incredible results. The number of cigarette butts in these hot spots before and after the best practice implementation, along with ground messaging through stenciling

How can you get involved?

The easiest way to show your support for the campaign is to share ‘the mission’ with your friends, through social channels, Inviting them to make a healthy statement, for a healthy environment! The other thing you can do is print a poster, from our free assets, sponsor and ashtray, Donate to the cause or run your own campaign!

How can individuals, businesses and councils help?

We need businesses and councils to help change the behavior of smokers by encouraging them to bin their butts. To get involved:

  • Download the free campaign assets here – to share on social media
  • Display the campaign Poster at your venue or a litter hot spot in your area
  • Offer butt bins to customers
  • Invest in an Only Butt Ground stencil – they really work

Why join the campaign?

It’s fun and it free! You’ll not only be sharing a healthy message, but you will be inspiring butts into bins and away from our waterways.

Are we encouraging smoking?

We’re not encouraging smoking, we’re encouraging smokers to change their behavior and butt it and bin it for the ocean!

How Long will the campaign run for?

The on the ground The Only Butt campaign was be launched in June 2018 and the initial findings can be found on our Website here. We are always looking for towns to run a campaign, tailored to their local environment, which ensures greater success in reducing litter and keeping environments clean

For more information, email

The Only Butt is community funded by the generous support of so many.