Cigarette butts are plastic and the most littered item in Australia. WWF Plastic Report 2020 indicates 8 Billion cigarette butts are littered annually in Australia. Sustainability Victoria reports 35% of the population is littering in public places.

We know we can do better!

@theonlybutt is recognised as part of Australian of the Year Awards.

We understand the power of community and making solving problems fun! We incorporate proven methods and engaging strategies that inspires positive psychological capital.

Running your own campaign, is fun and inspiring, plus you have design help along the way! Simply donate and download the templates, customize your campaign, using local locations and watch the butts go in the bin! Complete with litter audit and method, should you decide to measure your results! #theonlybutt


we inspire cheekiness

and healthy loving environments now, and for the future. Cigarette Littering worldwide is over 5 trillion annually and this is preventable. Methods show through education, conversations, fact sharing, and enforcement, we collectively create change.

We focus on inspiring healthy choices, behavior, and lifestyles, giving the community the power to educate. Collectively we can significantly reduce cigarette butt littering and littering overall, by emphasising the value of building strong connections.


magic of the ocean…

Research indicates that when smokers become aware, that their littering is having an effect on the environment and others, they are more likely to change the way they end their smoking ritual and put their butt in the bin.